sacred heart school

All photo orders from now on must include the $10.00 late fee.  We will be receiving your orders in the Office until Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Thank you! 

Dear Parents:


          Be the person you wish to see in others.  Practice "Peace."


          In the best interest of our students and due to the increasing cases of “chikungunya,” we have adopted the following practice starting immediately and until further notice.  Please follow these simple rules. 


          Girls, wear your P. E. Uniform:


  • Try to use Mosquito repellent if at all possible (Off, Skin so soft spray or mosquito repellent)

  • If at all possible, try to bring a mosquito repellent bracelet (Walgreens 1.79 each).

  • The P. E. Uniform needs to be clean--washed every night.

  • The boys have long pants, so they do not need to change their clothing.  The PreKinder and Kindergarten students that wear short pants, can use long pants or the P.E. Uniform.  Please follow all the other steps that are applicable.


          Parents, it at all possible, try calling the Health Department to please fumigate our area.  We have an epidemic--they need to help us.


          If there are any deviations, we will go back to the regular uniform; this is not to be abused. 


                                                God bless you,

                                                                               Inline image 2

                                                Sister Mary Andreen, OSF