sacred heart school
Dear Parents,

Please remember that on Saturday, December 20 is our Aguinaldo School Mass at 5:30 AM.  We invite, we expect you all to come and praise God for the Blessings of the year!  You can then return home after mass and breakfast and take a long nap - the whole family.  
Please come join us as we praise the Lord in song and rejoicing.  It happens once a year.  Please celebrate this happy event, our entire school family.  All the teachers want to see you all on Saturday, December 20 at 5:30 AM in church.  Try not to disappoint Jesus who is waiting for you.  Please come and celebrate!

See you on Saturday,
Sister Mary Andreen and faculty 

          The Red Cross Store called us to let us know that they have replenished their stock of Student Emergency Kits.  Please go by the store in Plaza and get yours.  

Thank you!